Using your solar battery storage system

How do I use my battery?
There are a few different ways to set up your battery, and once it’s set up it should workby itself. The most common setup is for the battery to store surplus energy from yoursolar panels that you don’t need, and use it to power your house when you don’t haveenough solar power (this could be due to weather or it being night time).Other ways to set up a battery

With time-of-use electricity prices, charge the battery from the grid when electricity is cheaper and use it when it’s expensive.
Join a ‘virtual power plant’ and you may be paid to allow it to sometimes use your battery (see our fact sheet on virtual power plants to find out more).

How can I tell that my battery is working?

Most battery systems have a display that shows how much it is storing or discharging atany time, and how much it has stored for the past day, past week, and so on. If it has amonitoring app, it will also show you what
it’s doing and how much you have used it.

A good battery installer will have shown you how to read the display and how to use the app.

You’ll get the most valueout of your battery if it is well-sized to your usage.
If you live in an area where power outages are common , be sure to keep your battery fully charged at all times.