The solution to access solar for your apartment
The SolShare is a ground-breaking technology that allows one rooftop solar installation to be shared by multiple apartments in the same building. Finally, apartment residents can access the benefits of rooftop solar!
Use the power of the sun to reduce your electricity bills!
With the SolShare, apartment residents can reduce electricity bills with renewable energy generated on their roof.
Help create a renewable energy future
Apartment residents can now join the rooftop solar revolution that is helping to transition Australia’s energy system from fossil fuels to zero-carbon renewables.
A fair share with your neighbours
The SolShare ensures every resident gets an even allocation of solar over the course of the month, delivered when it is needed the most.
Advanced technology made simple
The SolShare constantly monitors and optimises the supply of solar. Enjoy peace of mind that you are getting the most out of your rooftop solar installation.
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